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SAVENDA Electric

Supporting energy efficiency, one bulb at a time

In line with the challenges of its time, the SAVENDA Group is at the core of Zambia and Africa’s fight against climate change. Our energy affiliate, Savenda Electric, has established the first-of-its-kind energy-saving bulbs manufacturing plant in the region, whose LED lighting bulbs are now available at all major retail stores and are witnessing increasing market penetration. In doing so, we respond to national regulations limiting the importation and trading of ordinary incandescent bulbs while boosting local manufacturing and offering local energy efficiency solutions.


Savenda Electric is Zambia’s first company specialized in the manufacturing of LED lights and solar solutions, including solar lights. We offer a wide range of products from which users can choose based on the task at hand, including various kinds of LED savers such as LED bulbs, ceiling lights, down lights, LED plastic fluorescent tubes, outdoor fittings, and solar streetlights. The bulbs come in both pin and screw in variants of 7watts, 9watts and 12watts and the factory is able to produce 1 million lights a year.

The main idea is to create a truly Zambian product set apart to deliver exemplary efficiency and utility that can compete successfully with similar international products.



To produce LED lights locally which will meet the set standard in the market, set precedence and exceed the expectation of our clients. Our primary goal remains the production of energy saving LED lights of high and arguably unrivalled standard from Zambia.



Savenda Electric was born out of the recognition that Zambia, and Africa at large, are strongly impacted by climate change. Zambia holds 60% of the region’s water and hydro resources, which also make a majority of its energy mix. Repeated droughts mean that the country’s energy sector suffers, and so does its economy. Instead of producing energy, SAVENDA went on developing solutions to save it and make the country andthe region more energy efficient. Today, our manufacturing capacity exceeds local demand and we are able to meet the needs of the entire region.



Since we started manufacturing in 2019, we have witnessed continued expansion and currently supply all genstores across Zambia. We are now able to supply regional markets and are targeting distribution inthe Democratic Republic of Congo and with Shoprite across Southern Africa. Under its Strategy Plan 2025, the company targets the supply of Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique and Angola.