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SAVENDA Telecommunications

Digitalising the Zambian economy

Since 2019, Savenda Telecom has positioned itself as a service provider of choice for seamless solutions from connectivity to services for enterprises, SMEs and network operators. Its value proposition is to meet customer requirements, improve efficiency and bring value to your business through the provision of connectivity on media such as fibre, microwave and radio, including VSAT. Thanks to strong partnerships with Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and cybersecurity market leaders, Savenda Telecom has become the preferred service provider in the Zambian market and the region.

Our Offering

  1. Communications & IT
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Research
  4. Cloud Hosting
  5. CSP
  6. Telecom equipment

Our Customers

  • Network operators
  • Local and international corporations
  • SMEs


We bring value for society, customers and shareholders, and all stakeholders, through innovative, efficient, neutral and quality management for the provision of shared telecommunications networks and infrastructure through the drive and development of our staff team.



The venture into the telecoms business started very early on for the SAVENDA Group: back in the late 1990s, Zamboa was running on CDMA technology and the use of very big phone devices. By introducing smaller devices based on electromagnetic waves, SAVENDA then revolutionised the telecom industry in Zambia and secured very early on big ticket customers such as the United Nations, Care International, the state insurance company and big foreign mining investors. SAVENDA has only kept growing in the telecom and ICT industries since then until it officially registered its business vertical in 2019.



Savenda Telecom was granted a license to operate as a full-fledge network and services provider in 2021. The company is now an official provider of data and phone communications services and a key contributor to the growth of Zambia’s connectivity. Because it offers internet and data through satellite and not fibre, it is able to successfully differentiate itself from competition. It remains the only company to offer its services via V-SAT.



While Savenda Telecom continues to expand across all IT and communications verticals, the company has also partnered with an Israeli company to offer cybersecurity and SCADA training in Zambia. It ambitions to turn it into a world-class cyber centre for Africa, based in Lusaka. Another partnership with Fortnet will also be supplying firewalls across the country, further strengthening Savenda Telecom’s ability to grow its cybersecurity offering.



Through the growth of our business, we bridge Zambia’s connectivity gap and open up new opportunities for industrials and households. Our goal is to ensure efficiency in the telecommunications industry and remain consistent in providing the latest technology to both rural and urban areas in Zambia and the region.