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SAVENDA Electronics

Digitalising the Zambian economy

Savenda Electronics is a wholly owned Zambian company, part of the SAVENDA Group of companies and incorporated in December 2004. The company runs a factory located next to Savenda Electric but focusing on electricity and water meters manufacturing.

Our Offering

  1. Electricity meters
  2. Water meters
  3. Ordinary meters
  4. Smart meters

Our Customers

Savenda Electronics currently supply water meters to Zambia’s 11 water utilities, including smart and ordinary meters. It is also currently expanding into regional markets, starting with Malawi. On the other side, electricity meters are supplied to a wide range of customers across Zambia with key projects running with distribution companies in the northern part of the country and a potential future collaboration with the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO).


Savenda Electronics is currently able to manufacture 125,000 water meters a year and 500,000 electricity meters a year when operating at full capacity. In light of changing global market dynamics, we are increasingly moving awat from normal prepaid meters and deploying GPRAS systems by which customers can buy their meters directly from the banks without having to do through procurement from the utility. Meters can then be automatically recharged.



By 2030, Zambia will have made it mandatory for all housing units to have pre-paid electricity meters installed. Savenda Electronics is here to respond to a growing market demand for locally made and affordable meters who can ensure service efficiency while maximizing revenue generation for utilities. Given repeated droughts in Zambia, we believe we play in equally important role with water utilities to help them in their conservation and management efforts.



In 2020, Savenda Management Services Limited notably signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Singaporean company EDMI Limited to enable Savenda Electronics Limited to manufacture various types of smart electricity and water meters for the entire SADC and COMESA markets. Under its Strategy Plan 2025, the company targets the supply of Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique and Angola.

Savenda Electronic Business Expo
Savenda Electronic Business Expo