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Clever Mpoha – Triple Honour Nomination

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Press Release


Dr. Clever Mpoha, head of the Savenda Group, a Zambian procurement and logistics solution conglomerate, has been nominated for triple honor for his contribution to entrepreneurship and youth development in Africa.

He will be honoured with the coveted ‘Lifetime Achievement Award accolade from Myles Leadership University, an auspice of Myles Leadership University (MLU), an institution committed to raising and empowering the next generation of change-makers and world leaders who will champion change and lead in whatever industry they find themselves in.

A nomination letter signed by the Registrar of MLU, Nana Arnold (PhD) and addressed to Mr Mpoha, stated, “The President, Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, Directors, and staff of the MLU heartily decide to confer on you an honorary doctorate award. The University is giving this award to you for your outstanding contribution in the areas of youth development, business development and management, supply chain and logistics solutions, mentorship, leadership and philanthropy. Your leadership qualities and profundity of thoughts have placed you on a pedestal above all your equals.”

Dr. Clever Mpoha will be inducted as a fellow of the institute of Business Administration and Knowledge Management which is the highest class of induction.

He will be conferred with an Honorary Doctorate from Prowess University, Delaware USA. Successive to being conferred with the award at a ceremony scheduled for May 19th, 2023 in Lusaka, Zambia, Dr. Mpoha will grace the cover of the maiden edition of the Myles Leadership Magazine to celebrate people who have contributed their time and resources to making their world a better place.

Dr. Mpoha supports girl child education through academic sponsorships under the Savenda Award of Excellence, St. Mary’s Secondary School – Lusaka), serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Thembekile Mandela Foundation in South Africa, partners with the Hand of Hope Foundation in Zambia and serves as an honorary member of the Lusaka Lions Club (Zone 413).

The Honorary Doctorate Award from MLU acknowledges that the recipient deserves  to be recognized for his unsurpassed abilities due to life’s learning and experience. Equally, Esther Chanda, the wife of Mr Mpoha, will also be honoured on the same day  by the Myles Leadership University of Benin and 28 Credentials of  Entrepreneurs  (28COE) – an international organization of entrepreneurs, which is rigorously spreading its wings and has been incorporated in 85 countries.


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About Prowess University

Prowess University has a high reputation for academic excellence and educational integrity. PU is a non-profit making University, one of the most prestigious professional universities in the United State of America which provides flexible, high-quality, collegiate learning opportunities for self-directed adults and oers degree programs in several areas of study. The University operates its programs of study and awards its Degrees in accordance with its Regulatory Framework and Quality Assurance Documents. Prowess University is an institution of international repute, registered and recognized by the State Government of Delaware, United States of America (File Number: 6940453) and also accredited with (Authentication Number: 202930750).
Prowess University is serving so many students worldwide via distance and online learning programs through our team of highly qualified and experienced instructors worldwide. At Prowess University, an honorary doctoral degree is only given to an individual with sustained lifetime achievement. However, Prowess put more emphasis on the prolonged bearing of an individual’s accomplishment.

About Dr. Clever Mpoha and the Savenda Group

Dr. Clever Mpoha, heads the Savenda Group, a Zambian procurement and logistics solution conglomerate which has business interests in mining, telecommunications, and energy, agriculture, automotive, insurance, ICT, aviation, petro-chemical and the health sector. As a global supply chain management company established since 1997, significant synergies exist in Savenda, due to a network of associations in the USA, Middle East, Africa, European Union and Asia pacific regions. From its headquarters in Lusaka, Savenda Group has developed a global reach over the last two decades, starting with an operational capital of US$1,000 to creating more than 1000 direct and indirect jobs as a multi-million-dollar firm for Africans and others.