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Review Summary 2002-2022

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Community and Environmental
effort review summary

[2002 – 2022]

Like our founders, we at SAVENDA Management Services (and affiliated  firms) think that good business goes beyond the bottom line.

We aspire to offer our clients high-quality products and services while also making investments in the socio-economic ecology of the several communities in which we operate, all in accordance with the ideals of “SAVE Nations to Develop Africa” (SAVENDA).

We are aware that neither the causes nor solutions to issues relating to poverty, health, and wellbeing can be found in isolation. Thus, via a combination of proactive CSR, astute partnerships, and the personal initiatives of our founders, we have been able to support the creation of jobs across a number of economic sectors and have a positive impact on the long-term well-being of our employees.

We believe it is necessary to hold our communities by the hand and help them walk in order for all of us to run for our dreams together. Even as we reflect on the work that has already been completed, we value your participation in this journey and look forward to continuing it with you.



Over the past twenty years, we have changed and grown our company, providing solutions for supply chains and logistics as well as for sectors including manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, and energy. Along with us, our areas of community involvement have grown to include several causes on all fronts.


A few of these can be summarized, as the table below, which is highlighted, illustrates.


Because of a well-balanced combination of active corporate social responsibility, foundation partnership, and our founders’ personal efforts, we have been able to offer our communities services of various sizes. The following initiatives are succinctly summarized and presented, while the list of projects and activities may be longer:-

The list of initiatives, activities, and contributions is not exhaustive and simply provides a snapshot of how we as a community have collectively engaged in the different initiatives designed to improve our neighborhoods. Although there is plenty that might be covered, for a number of reasons, we’d rather keep this evaluation to the topics covered above.