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One Merchant

To support the integration of all SAVENDA’s business lines and subsidiaries into a seamless and efficient organization, the group has launched in January 2021 One Merchant. The company now serves at the advisory wing and the investment and finance management division of the SAVENDA Group, ensuring that synergies are maximized amongst its companies while adopting world-class financial and performance evaluation systems.

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One Merchant seeks to pull all of SAVENDA’s resources and support the growth of its businesses and divisions in a coordinated and efficient fashion. As each company grows and expands, One Merchant ensures that synergies are maximized and exploited across sectors. Whether it is leveraging on Gojestic Energy Corporation’s fuel trading to supply companies in need of petroleum products, or utilize the projects development capabilities of Savenda Projects to execute infrastructure works, One Merchant makes sure the right resources are allocated to the right places, for the benefit of the group as a whole.



Beyond the internal role played by One Merchant in coordinating businesses and maximizing synergies, the company has also become a pillar of SAVENDA’s financial strategy. Following significant investments made across sectors, One Merchant applies the financial discipline needed to harvest profit and direct physical and financial resources to the divisions that need it the most.

Finally, One Merchant aims at creating a sense of self-sustainability across all of SAVENDA’s business lines: while typical conglomerates see most of their costs and overheads coming from outsourcing, SAVENDA’s vision is to maximise its strengths and take advantage of the benefits of having so many companies and divisions operating across industries.



Because of food shortage and continued dependence on food imports, One Merchant sees strong opportunities to further develop agriculture as a business and make sure that SAVENDA plays acentral role in it.

The same applies to cybersecurity, a domain that has become a critical aspect of global business. Zambian regulations are increasingly requesting financial institutions to adopt cybersecurity mechanisms and SAVENDA has developed the right skills and capacities that the market needs.



As SAVENDA grows as a group, its investment strategy is also diversifying and expanding. One Merchant notably seeks to invest in offshore stocks and T-Bills. Its overall strategy will remain guided by a commitment to support Zambia’s economic development, creating values for communities and maximizing returns for shareholders. The company wants to ensure that, as a group, SAVENDA reinvests its returns by developing venture capital solutions and initiatives able to support local entrepreneurs and local ideas.