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About Us


There is no doubt that the unveiling of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) in Kigali on March 2018 is creating tremendous opportunities for cross-border trade and cooperation across our continent. As we unify our markets and integrate, private sector conglomerates such as SAVENDA are set to support industrialization and economic diversification across Africa. From Zambia, we have access to some of the fastest-growing economies in Africa while relying on efficient and expanding logistics and connectivity networks enabling us to offer customers truly African and innovative solutions.

Service With Love

At SAVENDA, we have taken on the challenge of integrating Africa and serving as an entry door to the continent’s booming economies. We are a Zambia-born logistics and global supply-chain management company offering end to end global solutions. We have positioned ourselves over the past two decades as a true global gateway into Africa. The vision of an integrated continent where trade is made easy and economies flourish is anchored within our core foundation.

Bring You To The Top

Our name stands for “SAVE Nations Develop Africa’. Since our beginnings in 1997, we have adopted a pan-African approach and have always nurtured a dream of making a positive difference for ourselves, our country and our continent. Today, we realise that this dream is what took us to where we are, and we are ready to take on bigger challenges.

Great Support

In 2021, Savenda is a truly integrated Zambian conglomerate operating across the agroindustry, energy, telecoms, financial services, construction and logistics industries. Our group continues to expand across all sectors of the economy, led by its consulting arm Savenda Management Services Limited.

To secure energy for Zambia and the region, we have launched Gojestic Energy Corporation, which currently supplies white petroleum products to the country and invests in expanding its energy infrastructure. To support self-sufficiency in food and crop, Savenda Farms is running three leading farms in Zambia and expanding into new plantations and agricultural facilities. To help save energy and water while boosting local manufacturing capabilities, Savenda Electric and Savenda Electronics currently run two world-class factories employing over 100 people in Lusaka. In financial services, Savenda General Insurance has become Zambia’s fastest growing insurance company, In line with our time, we have also significantly expanded our contribution to Zambia’s tech industry by rolling out the most ambitious cyber-security programme in the country.

As you familiarize yourself with our achievements and vision, we reiterate once again our commitment to offer any of our customers local and competitive solutions that ensure efficiency, excellent service delivery and world-class quality.

A Philosophy for Zambia and for Africa

by Clever Mpoha

At SAVENDA , we believe in the future of Africa. From humble beginnings, we have built a conglomerate the continent can be proud of, never forgetting that hard work is what got us where we are.

We quickly turned challenges and disruptions into new opportunities and launched several new business lines including Savenda Aviation whose jets continue to unsure smooth and efficient travel across the country and beyond. We will continue to connect Zambians as we grow United Bus Co., our new business that is already revolutionizing passenger transport in Zambia. Meanwhile, our telecom and cybersecurity has expanded to provide better connectivity to homes and industries while ensuring that every company has access to the best cybersecurity systems to protect their interests.

Our Founders

Clever Mpoha
Esther C. Mpoha

Our Team

SAVENDA employs direct and indirect jobs of more than 1000. The Company is led by a senior management team comprising Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Director, Business Development Manager, Finance and Administration Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager and a Logistics Manager. On a global procurement support level, SAVENDA has appointed executives who assist the Company in managing off-shore procurements in the Asia, Pacific, Europe, Americas and including Africa regions.The Company management team comprises of specialist and experienced individuals in their respective fields who are always passionate about customers.

As a Global Supply Chain Management Company, significant synergies exist in the company due to a network of association in the USA, Middle East, Africa, European Union and Asia pacific regions. As such it is strategically positioned to procure products internationally. Highly experienced staff in international business also brings about unique strengths when it comes to providing the services and solutions the company has.


To provide our clients with value for money for our wide range of
products and services.


To be the most preferred – a market leader in our chosen markets.