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Executive Summary

This document highlights some of the current and previous initiatives that the Hand of Hope Foundation (HoHF) has undertaken across the nation Zambia in partnership with Savenda Farms and affiliated businesses. The Hand of Hope Foundation (HoHF) was established as part of its founder’s efforts to enhancepositive socio – economic impact in the lives of local communities [particularly among women and youth] and continues to work with SAVENDA through a variety of projects, initiatives, networks, and channels to this end.

HoHF is a non-governmental organisation registered [under Act No. 16 of 2009 section 13 of the Non-Governmental Organization Act] on June 1, 2020 with a goal of bridging the gap for the vulnerable and disadvantaged in society.

While we work in many different sectors, the socioeconomic empowerment of women and youth in rural areas has been our primary concern for the past two years. To this end, combating rural poverty, youth unemployment, gender inequality, illiteracy, child marriage, and fundamental health issues have been among our key focus areas.

Our many endeavours in this direction have included school renovation, sponsorships for education, medical care, sports team sponsorships, assistance for out-grower schemes, and other activities similar to those contained in this document.

HoHF is strategically positioned to continue advancing sustainable socioeconomic development at various levels within our communities through to our collaboration with SAVENDA and existing synergies. However, we believe that in creating additional alliances, we can be better poised to capitalize on new strengths towards achieving our goals.

Who Are We?

Hand of Hope Foundation (HOHF) is a women and youth focused organization whose aim is to empower the poor and underprivileged to become selfsufficient in society. Based of Christian values, HOHF was founded in 2020 with an emphasis on basic care, shelter, education, medical support and other needs for women and children in the most poverty-stricken areas of our country.

Our Vision is to live in a society where disadvantaged women and young people become empowered, self-sufficient, equally treated members of society.

Our Mission is to provide financial, material and volunteer support to these and other groups through various means and channels. We are greatly driven by the impact that improving the lives of women and children each day – through sustainable empowerment efforts – can have on the future of a family, a community and the nation at large.

Along with our partner, SAVENDA, we continue to pursue this goal in an effort to create a better tomorrow for this generation and the next.

Our Projects

HoHF and its main partner [SAVENDA Farms] participate in a number of initiatives including buidling access roads, police posts, health care facilities and similar infrastructure as well as providing agricultural advisory centres across our partner’s operating locations.

Our efforts (60 percent of which are targeted towards women and youth) are centred on strengthening our communities by providing opportunities for skill development, long-term income generation, nutritional support and market access, among other things.

It is in this vein that we also currently deploy practical, sustainable and economically scalable rural out grower fish pond farming systems in the Northern and Lusaka regions of the country.

Over the past two years, some of our efforts have included the following

  • Out – Grower Crop Projects – as one of its earlier projects, HoHF acquired 10 acres of land in the Kasama (Northern Province) for women in the area to produce garden vegetables such as tomato and cabbage for sale in local markets. While we assisted in preparation and sourcing of the necessary input materials, the clearing of 3 acres of the land was carried out by women themselves under community participation. The foundation further empowered the women with a bore hole [water well] for easy access to clean water which was not only used to water the crops but also served the larger community as a safe water source.


  • Out Grower Fish Pond Schemes – The HOHF also assisted in the establishment of fish ponds for women and youth in Shiwangandu (Muchinga Province). In collaboration with local government leadership, the church, traditional leaders and the community, the program went on to monitor progression of fingeling production within the ponds for sustainability of farming cycle and added value offering to the market.


  • Community Infrastructure Development – HOHF and its partner have invested in the establishment of access roads to and around their agricultural hubs. This includes over 5km of gravel road off tarred road from the Nangoma check point (Shibuyunji) towards nearby villages and their farms. Other developments include construction of the Nangoma Police post, a basic access bridge, gravel road and community bore hole [water well] in Palabana and a school building presently underway in Chinsali.


  • Technical Advisory Support for Agriculture – along with infrastructure assistance, HoHF through Savenda Farms are gearing to provide extension services to local small-scale farmers in the form of technical advisory support on sustainable best practice tools and techniques, input alternatives and organic farming for environmental preservation.


  • Medical Assistance and Educational Sponsorships – HoHF has sponsored and assisted a number of youths in receiving much needed medical treatment, financial support for tertiary and secondary education and sports sponsorships (palabana football team). Some of our programs extend to counselling and technical support for young people in crisis or in need of mentorship.

Our Main Partner

Savenda Farms Limited is an agri-business with over 6000 hectares of arable land engaged in integrated agricultural activities comprising livestock farming (poultry and fish), crop farming – grain production (maize, soya beans, dry beans and wheat), horticulture (tomatoes, red onions, cabbage, peppers, herbs) and orchard plantation (avocado and citrus).

We are also strongly rooted within the country’s socio-economic ecosystem, supporting the many communities in which our farms are located through job creation as well as competitive price offers and provision of access to markets for aggregates of neighbouring small-scale farmers.


While HoHF is strategically positioned to continue advancing sustainable socioeconomic development at various levels within our communities through to our collaboration with SAVENDA and existing synergies, we believe that in creating additional alliances, we can be better poised to capitalize on new strengths towards achieving our goals.

We therefore welcome any opportunity to collaborate with like mind corporate entities or individuals ready and able to come along side us in building a brighter future for young people and women in Zambia and even across Africa.

Our hope is to create many a sanctuary where God’s love can be experienced


Poverty, health and wellbeing issues do not exist in isolation and neither do their solutions. Often, we are forced to think outside the box just to keep up during these difficult times.

The Hand of Hope Foundation is definitely one of the significant pioneers standing in the gap to address health and wellbeing challenges and assist in alleviating poverty issues surrounding the women and children of Zambia.

Our wish is to work closely with existing and would be partner organizations and individuals to see to it that the less fortunate are taken care in the best way possible that we can afford [and they can one day sustain].

Generation to generation, we will work tirelessly to see our goals met. Through our strategic planning and community partnerships we hope to see to it that women and children are protected from some of the hardships of society.

Savenda & Hand of Hope Receive Social Impact Award
Savenda & Hand of Hope Receive Social Impact Award